One of the World's Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Conventional & Organic Basmati Rice from India

One of the Biggest Indian Rice Manufacturer & Exporter Globally.

We export Basmati Rice & Non-Basmati Rice all across the world; Europe, USA, Canada, Kuwait, Dubai, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and too many more countries. We cater to all varieties of Traditional Basmati Rice, Pusa Basmati Rice, Long Grain Rice (Parmal), Basmati Rice Type-3, P-1121 Basmati Rice, Sona Masoori Rice, 100% Broken Basmati Rice, 100% Broken Long Grain Rice etc. Brown, Milled Raw, Steamed, Par-boiled / Sella-White / Golden. Also, we pack in all sizes of packaging from 200 Grams to 1 Ton.

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Our primary focus has always been to provide our customers with fresh and highest quality of Rice.

About us

One of the largest exporter of Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice from India.

SGMVPL (Star Global Multi Ventures Private Limited) is a significant player in the Agri commodity space and is one of the leading Rice Manufacturer and Exporters from India. Within a span of few years, we have marked our presence across the globe. We have also expanded our operations by venturing into organic farming thereby serving the food enthusiast’s with different organic products especially basmati and specialty rice. Today, we are one of the leading exporters of basmati rice from India along with certified organic basmati and specialty rice. Our growth in rice exports over the years showcases our consistency, market acceptability & consumer-centric approach.

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Conventional Rice

  • Tradional Raw Basmati Rice
  • Long Grain Raw Rice
  • Type-III Raw Basmati Rice
  • Sona Massori Raw Rice
  • IR 36 Raw Rice
  • IR-64 Raw Rice
  • 1509 Basmati Steam Rice
  • 1121 Basmati Parboiled Rice
  • PR 11 14 Parboiled Rice
  • Pusa Basmati Parboiled Rice
  • Sharbati Parboiled Rice
  • Sugandha Parboiled Rice

Conventional Products

We export huge volumes of 1121 Sella and Raw Traditional Basmati Rice along with other rice varieties across the globe. Our Growth in rice exports over the years showcases our consistency, market acceptability, and customer-centric approach.

  • Quality Parameters
  • Rice Varieties & Variants
  • Packaging
  • Private Labelling

Organic Products

We grow best of the organic crop products with our thousands of fully committed farming partners who follow perfected traditional farming technologies for crop production. We import trainings to our farmers on every process related to organic farming; commencing from nursery to harvesting. We are a bridge between Farmers and Consumers to deliver authentic organic products by processing raw farm produce in modern processing and packaging facilities.

  • Organic Farming
  • Processing Cycle of Organic Products
  • Farmer's Training
  • Rice Varieties & Variants
  • Private Labelling
brown rice and white rice

Organic Rice

  • Organic Tradional Raw Basmati Rice
  • Organic Long Grain Raw Rice
  • Organic Type-III Raw Basmati Rice
  • Organic Sona Massori Raw Rice
  • Organic IR 36 Raw Rice
  • Organic IR-64 Raw Rice
  • Organic 1509 Basmati Steam Rice
  • Organic 1121 Basmati Parboiled Rice
  • Organic PR 11 14 Parboiled Rice
  • Organic Pusa Basmati Parboiled Rice
  • Organic Sharbati Parboiled Rice
  • Organic Sugandha Parboiled Rice

Our Certification

Food safety certification is a third-party verification that products, processes or systems in the food supply chain meet accepted food safety standards. Food safety certification covers all the process in the food chain that impacts the safety of the end products.

Want to Import Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice

Rice Variants Available

  • Raw Brown Rice
  • Raw Milled Rice
  • Parboiled Rice

Rice Varieties Available

  • Traditional Basmati Rice
  • Long Grain Rice
  • Type-III Basmati Rice
  • Sona Massori Rice
  • IR 36 Rice
  • IR-64 Rice
  • 1509 Basmati Rice
  • 1121 Basmati Rice
  • PR 11 14 Rice
  • Pusa Basmati Rice
  • Sharbati Rice
  • Sugandha Rice

Our Global Presence

Star Global is rapidly growing globally with not just Asia & the Middle East but also from the islands of the United Kingdom to the island of Mauritius in the Arabian sea, from Russia to down under Australia and New Zealand, from Canada and the United States of America to European jewels. Our relation with our customers is growing strongly due to our understanding of their demand and ensuring timely deliveries with 100% quality benchmarks. We have private label buyers are from all over the world-Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai & Iraq etc.

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