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Conventional Products

Star Global Multi Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is a stellar brand in rice exports from India across multiple countries. Our vast experience & high-quality benchmarks set us on a higher echelon in the industry.

We have our processing units in Gujrat, Haryana & Punjab. ALL facilities are fully equipped with the best of technology and state-of-the-art machinery. Our consistent growth in rice export shows our market acceptability and consumer concentric approach. Today we are one of the largest exporters of basmati rice, Certified Organic rice, and non-basmati rice from India across the globe. We export to many of the finest top-grade food companies around the world. Our commitment to meet the timelines & quality standards drives us to create benchmarks above the usual in the industry. We have been successfully exporting more than 100,000 tons year after year. Our turnover during 2019-20 exceeded the mark of 100 Million USD.

  • Quality Parameters
  • Rice Varieties & Variants
  • Packaging
  • Private Labelling

Quality Meets Quantity

Quality Parameters

Our high benchmark in quality and hawkeye inspection make us #1 in terms of quality standards.

  • Timely calibration of instruments & equipment
  • Our quality team is technically qualified and well experienced.
  • Our futuristic Labs are fully equipped to perform accurate tests
  • Random samples are re-checked from independent external quality labs for verification of the effectiveness & accuracy of our lab performance.
  • To determine the final product’s quality, labs at Star Global are committed to check and re-check through a systematic examination of the quality of paddy and rice.
  • For this, we perform
    • Quality Check of Control Samples
    • Quality Check of In-coming Material
    • Quality Check of In-process Material
    • Quality Check of Out-going Material

Want to Import Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice

Rice Variants Available

  • Raw Brown Rice
  • Raw Milled Rice
  • Parboiled Rice

Rice Varieties Available

  • Traditional Basmati Rice
  • Long Grain Rice
  • Type-III Basmati Rice
  • Sona Massori Rice
  • IR 36 Rice
  • IR-64 Rice
  • 1509 Basmati Rice
  • 1121 Basmati Rice
  • PR 11 14 Rice
  • Pusa Basmati Rice
  • Sharbati Rice
  • Sugandha Rice

Our Packaging

Rice is our primary product of export. We are exporting Rice worldwide; Europe, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Australia, etc. Milled in the state-of-art plant, the truly superior product is the hot favorite of the connoisseurs of good food, across the globe. Our product variants are available in all packaging sizes from 200 grams to 1000kgs. Customized packaging orders are also entertained.

We pack our products in all sizes of various packaging materials like:

  • Non-Woven Bags.
  • Corrugated Box Packaging.
  • Vacuum Packs
  • Paper Bags
  • Poly Pouch
  • Jute Bag
  • HDPE Bags
  • Cotton Bags

Private Labeling

We pack for some of the world’s best-known rice brands. Star Global is one of the leading private label exporters from India. We have been supplying consistently the best quality rice to our buyers year after year. We enjoy an excellent relationship with our buyers which has strengthened over the past couple of decades. Our Private label buyers are from all over the world -Europe, USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai, Australia, etc.

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